Lockdown Party

As parents our child’s birthday is a very important day. Be it their 1st, 3rd, 5th or 16th birthday we are always expected to step up. Our main aim for that day is to make them smile, to see them happy and have a lovely time with their friends and family.

But, this year the birthday parties in 2020 are going to be and have been a bit different.  These birthdays have been christened as ‘Lockdown birthdays’. We are currently on the 7th week of our lockdown and as a parent you still want to make your child birthday as magical and memorable as possible.

As you all know I am a children’s party planner but I am also a parent. I can empathise with you and know how you feel and I would love to share a few of my ‘Lockdown Birthday Celebration ideas’


Yes, social distancing has obviously stopped us from meeting friends and family, but you could still spend it with them. Stay tuned to know how, but first you will need to invite them. You can either design your birthday invite on #canva or www.paperlesspost.com. Designing their own invite will give the kids something to do and look forward to. If they are too young, you could create a bit of excitement by designing it yourself. Now, who doesn’t love receiving a birthday invite.

Party theme

Choosing a theme for the party always helpful. It gives you a sense of flow and an idea of how you would like to bring everything together. If you plan to have a jungle theme party at home, you can decorate the house with the house plants you may have and can use you child ‘s animal plush toys to create the vibe. Weather permitting you could also organise the party in your garden amidst your potted plants and get that jungle vide.


No party can be called one without some beautiful decorations. You could either order some party bits from Amazon or Ebay but do bear in mind that there could be some delay from the postal services end. The other option would be popping into the party supplies section while doing your weekly grocery at a Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc. And, if you are the creative kinds you can always make some at home. Turn it into an art activity for the kids. All you will need is some paper and colouring pencils to draw and colour your favourite animal along with a simple Happy Birthday poster.


Is it even a party without cake? I am sure you may find some home based bakers who are doing contactless deliveries and maintaining social distancing. But, if you want to make it a tad more special for your little one why not bake one for them. Involving them could be one activity ticked off from your daily list of activities. If that’s not you then you could always buy a cake from the store or request a friend to bake one instead?

Video calls

Now going back to my first point, you don’t have to spend your party alone, and once you have received the RSVPs from your friends all you need to do is get on to a ZOOM call or a WhatsApp video call.

P.S. WhatsApp now allows 8 people video calls. All you need to do is update the app.

Virtual entertainment

As we’re all trying to adapt to this new world, there are tons of party entertainers offering special birthday messages and entertaining kids virtually. Video birthday messages from grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins could be an added bonus. Recently I saw a video online of a whole street going out to the drive way of this lovely birthday boy and singing him Happy Birthday. It melted my heart, and one of the best videos I have seen online of communities coming together.

And, once all this ends and you want to throw the most MAGICAL and MEMORABLE birthday party for your child, all you need to do is give is give us a call on 07908 195000 and we will plan the entire party from start to finish.