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Hi, I’m Nalini! I’m the founder of Party Genie and the Creative Director behind every event we plan.

I live in Hertfordshire with my two sons and my very supportive husband, and started Party Genie after spending over a decade in the advertising industry. As with many working parents, I found the commute to London just didn’t balance with my need to be there for my children, so I decided to shift careers and put my organisational skills to good use in a way that I love – PLANNING STUNNING PARTIES FOR CHILDREN!

Bespoke birthday parties for all ages

Growing up in India, birthday parties were for our whole extended family (as well as us and our friends), and I think that’s why these celebrations have such a special place in my heart. I vividly remember my family frantically running around trying to make sure everything was perfect (and of course, it always was!).

I’m a child at heart

Since moving to the UK in 2009 and having my children, I’ve carried on that tradition of stunning parties. I started planning celebrations that would make my kids’ jaws drop when they walked in, and everyone’s hearts overflow with excitement. I’m absolutely still a child at heart, and to me, bringing these children’s parties to life is a kind of magic I can’t just can’t put into words.

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The key to the perfect party is the right team!

You simply can’t do it all yourself. I work with a team of trusted partners, from brilliant bakers and enchanting entertainers to talented photographers. Whatever your party calls for, I’ll pull together the team to make it happen!

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