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Why hire a children’s party planner?

As parents our aim is to make our children happy. A smile on their face is a reward in itself. No matter how old they are we love to make them feel special on their birthday. This is one of the reasons, why parents spend so much of money of their children’s birthday parties.

The thought of going to birthday party is associated with fun and excitement. It’s an occasion where people are relaxed and stress free. But, if you are the parent hosting your child’s birthday celebrations then it obviously is a different story.

Planning your child’s birthday party sounds very exciting but it does come with a lot of pressure and stress. From booking a venue to finding the right cake, to organising the perfect entertainment and selecting the perfect party bag to say thank you to your little guests does take a massive toll on a lot of parents.

Sometimes parents don’t even know where to begin planning. And, if you are a busy parent and would love to organise the most memorable party for your child that’s when it’s time to hire a children’s party planner.

Usually hiring a party planner is associated with weddings, corporate events and large celebrations. But, that’s is so not true. Hiring a children’s party planner definitely has its own perks and here are some I would love to talk to you about.

Firstly, planning your child’s party can be extremely  stressful and overwhelming as a host. The process of co-ordinating with various vendors and supplies and keeping a track of the guests requirements can be nerve racking.

Hence, I would love to talk to you about some of the advantages of hiring a children’s party planner.

  • No stress. More time Planning your child’s birthday party can be an overwhelming, time consuming and a nerve-racking process. As a result hiring a  children’s party planner means they will get everything done for you before and during the day of the party. All you have to do is let them know what you would want and they will handle the rest! It’s like rubbing the magic lamp and asking the ‘Genie’ to organise the most memorable party. This means as a parent you can actually relax and enjoy the run up to the party and on the day of the party without worrying about anything.
  • Budgeting – One of the most common misconceptions is that hiring a children’s party planner can be very expensive. People believe that planning their child’s birthday themselves will be more cost effective than hiring a party planner. Planners will always work within the budget allocated. They are great at allocating funds and can put your money to excellent use by finding the right and most realistic vendors and suppliers.
  • Vendors – Children’s party planners  have a good network of vendors. From bakers, to entertainers to kids party stylists. They can find you the most suitable partner for your child’s birthday party. Someone who will fit within your budget without any compromise on service or quality. Usually planners get discounts from the various partners they work with and are happy to pass those savings on to you.
  • Experience – It’s good to innovate and try new things. But, it may not be ideal while trying to organise your own child’s party. Children’s party planners are experts in their field. It takes years of experience to make an event or party run smoothly without any hiccups. From planning the perfect decor, to booking the perfect caterers to hiring the best entertainer, they know it all.
  • Detail oriented – Planners are organised and detail oriented. They take great pride in turning all the aspects of your party into reality. They may think of decor details that may have not even crossed your mind. They may come up with creating the most decorative centrepiece, or sourcing the perfect and most appropriate party bag. As party planners know how to organise the perfect looking and delicious dessert table. They will be able to visualise the entire party in their head even before its been discussed out loud.  This professionalism and attention to detail will make your child’s party look amazing which in return will make YOU look good!
  • Happy child – Hiring a children’s party planner means less stress, which results in you thoroughly enjoying the party with your child. A party planner will make sure that your family and friends have a blast and that your child feels like a superstar. And after all, that’s exactly how we want our children to feel on their special days.