Top 5 Themes for a Boys Birthday Party

Pink Pirate Girls Birthday party tablescape

Planning a Birthday party for your child, whether they are a boy or a girl can be both an enjoyable and a painstaking task at the same time! When you start planning all of the different aspects of the Birthday party – the decor, cake, food and drinks, entertainment … the list goes on and it can all feel pretty overwhelming! Hence, as a Children’s Birthday Party Planner, I recommend having a theme for your party to give your party planning more direction. 

As well as being a Party Planner, I am also a mum to two boys and these are my top 5 popular themes for a boys Birthday party (although these themes are most popular for boys, they can of course also be used for girls Birthday parties).

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#1 Theme for a Boys Birthday Party - Superheroes

Superhero Birthday party tablescape

Now, who doesn’t love a superhero party? Whether it’s Batman, Thor, Superman, the Hulk, Spiderman (the most popular Superhero of all time) or a combination, your superhero themed Birthday party can be adapted so that your little boy can be their favourite superhero for their special day. There is no denying that most boys at some point have a massive Superhero fascination and would love to ‘save the day’. The Superhero theme doesn’t just have to be for a boys Birthday party, this is a theme where even adults would wish they were kids again!

#2 Theme for a Boys Birthday Party - Dinosaurs

The #2 most popular theme for a boys Birthday party is dedicated to all of the mini Dino fans out there. Having a dinosaur theme for your little boys Birthday party is one of the most creative themes. You can bring the dinosaur theme into every aspect of the Birthday party and this can be beautifully executed with the right props.

#3 Theme for a Boys Birthday Party- Pirates

Ahoy There Matey!!! It is difficult to resist a good pirate adventure so it is unsurprising that this is one of the most popular themes for a boys Birthday party. The pirate Birthday party theme gives the little boys a sense of thrill and promises to take them on a voyage with endless fun. A pirate theme for your little boys Birthday party is a great option if you are looking for a theme with lots of entertainment options to keep the boys busy. Plus, who can resist the excitement of finding hidden treasure during their adventure?

#4 Theme for a Boys Birthday Party - Football

With the 2020 Euros taking place last year and the 2022 Men’s World Cup to look forward to next year, we have all gone football mad and this is the ultimate Birthday party theme for footie lovers! Having a football-themed boys Birthday party is one of the easier themes to plan and implement – you can have a football-themed cake and decor and for the entertainment, well it would be rude not to play some football! The kids could be supporting different football teams of their choice but the love of football brings them all together at a football-themed boys Birthday party.

#5 Theme for a Boys Birthday Party - Gaming

Minecraft themed Birthday party tablescape

Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox and Among Us are some of the games kids are into nowadays and what better theme for your boys Birthday party than the game they are obsessed with playing with their friends? Gaming-themed boys Birthday parties tend to be more popular with kids aged 7 and over. From a cake that looks like a controller to getting to play video games with our friends, a gaming-themed Birthday party is all a Birthday “gamer” boy could ask for!

The Most Popular Boys Birthday Party Themes

Although these themes are most popular for boys Birthday parties, all of the themes are unisex and can be the theme for any child with a love of that particular theme! Having a themed Birthday party can help to give your Birthday party plans direction. BUT, for the theme to be as effective as possible, it is important to incorporate the theme into every aspect of the party. For example, your little boy will have a completely different experience if his party has dinosaur decor, dino costumes, dino cakes and dinosaur-themed entertainment than if there is just a dinosaur cake and a couple of mini dino decorations. Planning a boys Birthday party with a theme isn’t easy, but it will all be worth it when you see the Birthday boy grinning from ear to ear on his special day.

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