5 Top tips for planning a farmyard themed party for your toddler

Does your little one love farm animals? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because today we are going over my top five tips for planning a farmyard themed party. This theme is great for toddlers and babies and can be pulled off successfully without too much effort on your part.

1) Add edible farm animal cake toppers to your cake

Food is one of the most important parts of pulling off a themed party. A super simple but effective way to nail your farmyard themed party is with cake toppers. These edible farmyard cake toppers would look great on your toddler’s birthday cake. Or alternatively you could have them on individual cupcakes for your party favours!

2) Incorporate some hay into your party favours

Speaking of which, farmyard themed party favours are sure to be loved by toddlers. For an authentic farm vibe you could even incorporate some real hay for an authentic farmyard feeling! 

Try this hay bail party favour idea:

Step 1 – wrap up your party favour in some brown paper

Step 2 – wrap some hay around your party favour

Step 3 – tie the hay in place with some twine. 

Step 4 – enjoy your hay bail party favours!


3) Pack your party favours in farmyard themed party bags

To really hit home with that farmyard theme, pack your hay bail party favours up in some fun farm themed party bags!

For more great party favour ideas check out this blog post on the ultimate list of kids party favours for every age group.

4) Add to the farm party vibe with farmyard themed decor

When it comes to decoration for your farmyard themed party, you can end up with a great result without putting in too much effort. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to fill your house up with hay! 

One really easy way to incorporate that farmyard vibe into your toddler’s party is with a farm themed table cover!

If you want to go the extra mile consider a personalised farm themed banner! You can find personalised and standard farm themed party banners like these easily on Etsy.

5) Reinvent some classic party games to fit with your farmyard theme

Since we are planning a party for toddlers here you are going to be slightly limited in terms of activities. However if you are willing to get creative you will have no problems keeping your little guests entertained!

Your best bet is going to be simple games that can be easily supervised and so my first suggestion is going to be a variation of the scavenger hunt.

To fit the farmyard theme, have your guests look for little cardboard fruit or vegetable shapes that they can exchange for a tasty treat! Now you’ve turned a scavenger hunt into a harvest for some farmyard fun.

Another party classic is ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. Simply put up a picture of a pig, blindfold your guests and have them try to pin the tail on the donkey! This simple game always gets a laugh from toddlers especially if they love animals.

Don’t get stressed about planning your toddler’s farm party

Toddlers don’t usually have high standards so try not to worry and remember to have fun. If you have some farm animals and a couple of simple games your farmyard party is sure to go off without a hitch. Remember that toddlers are not going to be highly critical and will be easily satisfied with fun games and some farm animal themed food!

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