5 Essential Items to Pack for a Children’s Birthday Party

Allow us to provide you with a list of 5 essentials to pack when you're heading to another child’s birthday party.

Birthday parties are always eventful. There are countless games to play, snacks to eat, and memories to make. Of course, you must keep up with all these activities to provide your child with the best party experience. After all, your child will enjoy their time with friends when they have the necessary items to be comfortable and safe.

In our Back to School Parties’ post, we taught you how to plan parties for youngsters. Now, allow us to provide you with a list of 5 essentials to pack when you’re heading to another child’s birthday party.

5 essentials to pack when you're heading to a children's birthday party:

  • 1. Push chair
  • 2. Extra clothes
  • 3. Wet wipes
  • 4. Disposable camera
  • 5. First Aid Kit

1. A pushchair

Our first essential is useful before, during, and after the birthday party. Travelling with your child to a party can be quite the experience if they’re not comfortable. They can get grumpy and fussy on the walk or car ride over, which is why you must ensure their safety and comfort. iCandy’s single pushchairs can put in your car relatively easily, making it convenient for travelling.

The pushchairs feature a safety harness to keep your child in place, so you can rest assured that they won’t fall out if they get too excited and move about. Lastly, pushchairs are perfect for your child to rest or nap when they’re too tired during the party or on the way home.

2. Extra clothes

With the excitement of birthday parties, a few messy mishaps will inevitably occur. These may include spilling food or drinks on their shirt, getting dirt on their pants, or sweating from playing.

This is why it’s important to pack an extra change of clothes for your child. As much as possible, pack a whole outfit: shirt, trousers, and underwear. Make sure to pack these in their bag, so they’ll continue to enjoy the party even after messy accidents happen.

3. Wet wipes

In line with bringing extra clothes, it’s crucial to have the right products for quick clean-ups. The Johnson and Johnson wipes are your best option since they’re disposable and suitable for sensitive skin.

These are also well-sealed, so don’t worry about soiling your bag. Just close the pack properly after use to prevent them from drying out. Wet wipes are your best friend for sticky fingers, messy mouths, and small spills.

4. A disposable camera

Cellphones and digital cameras nowadays can take high-quality photos. What’s more, you can edit these on your device before having them printed or posted. However, nothing beats a disposable camera. It’s a unique way to capture birthday party memories because they’re a simple point-and-shoot device.

It makes your photos more authentic, and your child will most likely enjoy participating in taking pictures. Because they’re lightweight and easy to use, your child can take their own photos to look back on later. Some popular disposable camera brands are Kodak and Fujifilm.

5. A first-aid kit

Unfortunately, as exciting as birthday parties are, there can be small moments of disaster. Your child can get minor injuries, whether it’s a paper cut from opening gifts or a scratch from falling. This is why bringing a first aid kit is essential. The Mini First Aid kit includes all the first aid necessities like bandages, plasters, and wound pads.

It’s also packed in a small pouch for easy storage in your bag. A first aid kit will come to the rescue in times of mini emergencies for your child to continue having fun during the party.

Birthday parties are more fun when you and your child come prepared. Remember to bring these essentials to the next birthday party!